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EA Sports FC 24 Unveils the Centurions Center Back Evolution: A Game-Changing Upgrade

On November 5, EA Sports FC 24 introduced a game-changing feature that promises to revamp the way players approach their Ultimate Team experience. The Centurions Center Back Evolution is the latest addition to Fut 24 Coins the evolving world of FIFA, now transformed into EA FC 24. This evolution offers a unique opportunity for players to enhance the abilities of their low-rated defenders, particularly in the crucial aspect of passing, paving the way for quicker ball distribution from the backline. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of the Centurions Center Back Evolution, exploring its requirements, benefits, and the best players to consider for this exciting upgrade.

The Centurions Center Back Evolution: Elevating Passing Abilities

The Centurions Center Back Evolution is a significant addition to EA FC 24, allowing players to take their low-rated defenders and provide them with a substantial passing boost. While it may not be as overpowering as some of the other upgrades introduced this year, it offers a unique twist that can be used strategically to elevate the performance of your backline. This free Evolution provides players with an opportunity to enhance their squad by obtaining a high-rated player for potential use in future Squad Building Challenges.

Requirements and Objectives

Completing the Centurions Center Back Evolution is a straightforward process, making it a must-do for any EA FC 24 enthusiast. To achieve this upgrade, players are required to participate in a total of nine games in Squad Battles. It's a relatively easy task that doesn't demand excessive effort from the player. The reward, however, is well worth it. Not only will you improve your squad, but you'll also be prepared for potential future Evolutions that may bring even more exciting upgrades to your team.

When selecting your player for the Centurions Center Back Evolution, you must adhere to the following requirements:

Maximum Overall Rating: 83

Maximum Pace: 79

Maximum Dribbling: 75

Maximum Defense: 84

Maximum Physical: 85

Position: Center Back (CB)

Number of PlayStyles: A maximum of 8

Upon successfully completing all the Objectives associated with this Evolution, your chosen player will receive significant attribute boosts:

+3 Overall

+2 Pace

+10 Passing

+3 Dribbling

+3 Defending

+3 Physical

The Pinged Pass and Long Ball Pass PlayStyles

This means that your Center Back will not only be more adept at passing the ball but will also see improvements in their overall gameplay, making them a more versatile and reliable part of your squad.

The Best Players for EA FC 24 Centurions Center Back Evolution

Although the Centurions Center Back Evolution has limitations compared to other upgrades, there are still notable players who can benefit from this boost. Here are some of the top options to consider:

Josko Gvardiol – Manchester City: Boosting a Manchester City center back with 80 Pace, solid Defending, and Physical attributes is a fantastic choice, especially given that this Evolution is free. However, Gvardiol's popularity may impact his availability on the Transfer Market.

Federico Gattoni – Sevilla: Gattoni is another viable option, particularly if you can pair him with the Trailblazer Centre Back Evolution for maximum effect.

Jean-Clair Todibo (TOTW) – Nice: Todibo's Team of the Week card is decent, but it's only recommended if you already have it. Spending a significant amount of Coins to acquire him may not be cost-effective.

Trevoh Chalobah – Chelsea: What makes Chalobah an intriguing choice is his ability to play in the Center Defensive Midfield (CDM) position, which allows him to better utilize the Passing boost. However, it's essential to have used expired Evolutions on him to maximize the upgrade.

Niklas Stark – Werder Bremen: Similar to Chalobah, Stark can also flex to CDM, offering enhanced versatility. Again, it's crucial to have applied previous Evolutions to make the most of the upgrade.

For players who have already invested in these individuals or other suitable candidates, the Centurions Center Back Evolution offers a compelling opportunity to optimize their performance on the pitch. Flexibility and adaptability are key as you decide which players can benefit most from this upgrade.

In conclusion, the Centurions Center Back Evolution is an exciting addition to EA FC 24, providing players with buy FCUT 24 Coins the means to enhance their squad's passing abilities. While the boost may not be as powerful as some other upgrades, it can significantly impact your team's performance. As EA FC 24 continues to evolve, players can look forward to more exciting changes and upgrades that keep the game fresh and engaging. So, don't miss out on the Centurions Center Back Evolution – it's an opportunity to elevate your Ultimate Team to new heights.


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